Video Hosting Sites

There are a few considerations that should be borne in mind when in the market for video hosting. There are many video hosting sites but this post focuses on four popular ones. Some sites may store short cloud-based clips to be used as showreels like the video on the right. However, these are different from the large data storages.

Some of the options that you should be keeping in mind for good user experience would include the following: 

✅ User Experience
✅ Audience
✅ Privacy & Control
✅ Statistics

SEO: When working on a SEO strategy, think of where people are going to find your videos in places such as Google. VidIQ is an excellent video analytics and marketing tool for YouTube. This can help you to build your your influence while growing your views and subscribers. You can get the app for free and download it from the Chrome Web store, but you will need to authenticate your YouTube account and must have a Chrome browser to use it.

User Experience: What’s the best way people can watch your video when it has been created on your website, mobile or however they want to watch it.

Audience: Think of where you can find your audience which would be a great place to start and if there will be people there who are willing to check out your work.

Privacy and Control: For example, on a paid membership site you want to control who can watch the video.

Statistics: You make sure that you can see how many people are watching your video, how they are watching it, where they are watching it from and at what point they are dropping off if this is important to you.

Watch The Video Showreels to Learn The #1 Way To Get More People to Buy From You

There’s no doubt that professional videos can impress and engage clients. You can add Hollywood like showreels to advertise your services.  This will entice your prospects and make them want to see more. There are no surprises such as monthly recurrences or subscriptions to obtain videos like the one below. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a commission, but I would appreciate you supporting me.


YouTube is a great option for video hosting. It is free, and most people go there to watch videos. It is also the second largest  search engine in the world behind Google which owns YouTube. Because of this, your viewers might have a better chance on a regular Google search. You can also grow a channel and people have to option of subscribing. You can monetize your videos if you are getting enough views on them. Some cons of YouTube –Your channel can be shut down at any time, and you can lose views on your videos. In summary, you can put any of your public videos there just so that people can find them because that’s the easiest way possible.


Artists and filmmakers frequently use Vimeo to make short films. There is a free and paid option. The paid option provides more storage than the free version. You can also sell access to your videos. You also receive better quality comments, people are more helpful, and you can follow people. The cons are the videos can show up in Google’s searches but not in YouTube’s searches. Channels are not the best for creating a playlist. Subscribers are not as many as YouTube. Vimeo is the best for filmmakers who are building up their portfolio or sell a film or collaborate with others and don’t wish to deal with the ads.


The customer service is excellent, and you get an immediate response. The cons are there is no public search for people to find your Videos organically. If you have them embedded on your blog post, and people are searching for them in Google, they can find them that way, but they are not going to see the link to your Wistia account very quickly. There is also no channel with a playlist or the ability for people to subscribe, so there is no feed that they can scroll through on an app like YouTube or Vimeo. Wistia is best for videos in a paid or free course or placing them on individual pages such as a blog post or opt-in pages for a sales video or just a downloadable PDF.

Wistia can be used for private paid courses and has an excellent stats for video analytics online. The player is fully customizable. It can be unbranded and placed on your website. It also has features like turn style which allows you to capture email addresses. You can quickly create videos, SEO sitemaps to show a search engine where all your videos are on your website. You can restrict who watches your videos by domains so that someone can’t take your video and download it on their website. 

Amazon S3

The S3 in the name Amazon S3 stands for “Simple Storage System”. It is not free but reasonably priced. If you decide to use Self Hosting using a cloud service such as Amazon S3 on your website, you need to use a custom player with WordPress. This option is a bit more technical than taking the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo. If you are interested in this, WP Learning Lab on YouTube has  HTML codes on his blog that you can copy and paste into your WordPress site. You can use the “no download” option so that people are not able to download your video.

One of the things that I like with S3 is that it does not come with the branding like YouTube. There is no branding when you download videos into your site. In other storage sites, this option is also available but you will need to upgrade to a higher price. Amazon S3 does not offer the option of collecting stats on video views unless your player specifically collects stats. However, it provides an excellent way to have backups if YouTube shuts down your video.