The Content Marketing Circle

April 4, 2017 admin

The content marketing circle starts out with the message we communicate to our audience and the optimization process we follow to tweak that content so that we are fully leveraging every option at our disposal. We also need to publish and promote. But, how do we measure our progress? One such way is by utilizing tools for monitoring, comparing and understanding our progress through split testing and tracking.

This brief introduction does not allow for a full in-depth of the strategies involved in content marketing but you will be provided with a few helpful ideas to get you started. Content can be controversial. This can add a little spice when a better connection is made with your target audience.

Content Marketing can be presented in the form of article writing, e-books, videos, website, games and blogs to name a few. Marketing involves creative thinking to get your message across. Think of how you can enrich user experience. How does static text compare with video to demonstrate how a product works? The answer is simple. Video is clearer and more easily assimilated. Imagery adds interest to content and will draw your readers in on key points. Don’t forget that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, never upload pictures that you do not have the right or license to use. You can be sued a hefty sum for a picture that might only be worth $10.00. Be sure to read all the terms on any stock photo site you use to avoid legal ramifications.

Paid/Trial and Free Sites

Some sites offer paid, free or trial versions in imagery creation. If your budget is a bit tight, you can use sites such as canva and PicMonkey while having fun being creative with your designs. offers high quality photos that are completely free for you to use in any way you wish. Do consider image optimization and compression since this will improve your website load times and place you in a more favourable position for the search engines. Sites such as and picresize can be used for your image optimization needs. is completely free to use. Link building helps to increase traffic to your site. Article writing is a great way to make this possible. When readers get information from sites on which the articles are published, the information is usually incorporated with a link to the owner’s website.

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