What is Podcasting?

How Podcasting Provides Fresh Marketing Possibilities for Startups: Contributor, Peter Swift

Effective marketing is the lifeblood of any startup. The digital arena offers many opportunities for cost-effective exposure, but there’s far more to online marketing than paid ads on Google or Facebook. If you’re not promoting your business using podcasts, you’re missing a trick.

In This Post You Will Learn:

18px logo  What is podcasting
18px logo  What you need to start
18px logo  Creating your content for the best results
18px logo  The many business benefits a podcast can bring a startup

1. What is Podcasting?

A podcast is a digital audio file that’s available to download and listen to at leisure. It’s usually released as an ongoing series of episodes, with listeners able to subscribe and receive new installments as they become available.

The subject matter can be anything at all, although as a startup entrepreneur, you’ll naturally want the content to address and promote your business and niche in some way. Typical topics to cover would include industry news, how-tos and guides, or interviews with personalities within your sector.

2. What You Need To Start Podcasting

You might think getting started in podcasting was difficult or expensive. In fact, today’s tech makes it remarkably simple. Of course, you could outsource the whole process, but where’s the challenge and fun in that?

On the technical side, you’ll need a standard desktop microphone or headset to record your material. This doesn’t need to be expensive – today’s consumer-level hardware is more than good enough for straightforward voice recording.

You’ll also need some free audio editing software to put your podcast together. There are dozens of examples available for every platform, from simple cut and paste editors to fully fledged professional audio suites. Again, there’s no need for overkill. As a beginner podcaster, entry-level software will be perfectly adequate for what you need – and also a lot less difficult to learn.

Lastly, consider joining a website offering free stock music and sound FX to add a little final polish to your production.

3. Creating Your Podcast Content for the Best Results

However, the effectiveness of your podcast isn’t just down to the technical details. As with all marketing, it’s the quality of your content that will make or break its success.

The quickest route to podcast content is to record an audio version of a popular blog post from your website. While this works fine, it’s usually better to tweak the tone a little to make it more direct and conversational.

While the speaker should have a pleasant voice and clear diction, it’s not necessary to hire a professional. Indeed, one of the benefits of podcasting is the humanizing aspect it offers, so make the most of this by not being too polished. Try to let the podcast reflect the true character of you or your brand.

But most importantly of all, remember that your listeners need to gain genuine value from your content, even if your ultimate intent is to promote your startup.

All the best marketing carefully balances compelling content with a strong commercial message, and this is even more important with audio. If your listeners are going to devote time to listening it through, they need to be entertained or informed in return.

4. The Many Business Benefits A Podcast Can Bring A Startup

Podcasting brings many, many promotional benefits to a startup – especially one on a tight marketing budget.

orange checkmark Podcasts are excellent for brand building, adding human character and creating
     credibility and trust.

orange checkmark Producing a series of podcasts also builds brand loyalty, as customers await the next

orange checkmark Audio is easily consumed in situations where text content is inconvenient, for example in
     the gym or while commuting.

orange checkmark Podcasts are also perfect for sharing on social media, where teaser excerpts can be used
     to promote the main content.  

orange checkmark Podcasts can take advantage of distribution channels such as iStore, Google Play, and
     countless dedicated audio directories.

orange checkmark Many forms of online marketing are becoming less and less effective because of ‘ad
     blindness’. Podcasts retain a novelty appeal.

orange checkmark Podcasts are a relatively under-used form of marketing, letting you steal a march on your
     competitors who rely heavily on more traditional promotion.

orange checkmark Lastly, podcasts are a great way of repurposing existing content, making them a highly
     economical promotional method.

Promoting a startup means taking every opportunity you can for helpful exposure. Podcasting offers a route to a new audience and a way to make your content go further. If you’re not including audio in your marketing mix, now’s the time to start.