Introduction to Market Trends

April 2, 2017 admin

Researching current market trends should be one of the first things to consider before marketing a product. Valuable time and money can be wasted on a product or service that is not in demand. Research is the backbone on which every good marketing plan is built. In the absence of research, potential customers and sales can be lost. As trends change over time, you will need to understand exactly what clients are searching for and how you can effectively market your product and services to each demographic. Research can be conducted in the form of surveys, focus groups, Internet search and other preferred methods. (see market research chart for ideas).

If you have a mailing list, consider sending your list a questionnaire to complete about their current needs. You can also post a question on your social media sites. The responses that you receive can be invaluable in determining the direction you wish to take your company. Additionally, it is a good idea to routinely examine your website statistics and social media trends. Which posts and pages are attracting the most visitors? What are your readers commenting on? This will provide further insight into what potential clients are interested in.

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