Getting Started

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest routes to build an online business. You can start right away and leverage your effort on product promotion. A vendor, on the other hand, will need to create a product which requires research and time. While one can be passionate about a niche, the product must be what the market needs.

Product Promotion

The first thing you need to think of when starting out is finding something to promote. It should be something that you believe in 100% to give you moral authority. There should be a mass appeal and Transformational value to the product in addition to great customer support. Another thing you may want to consider would be the compensatory rate. You wouldn’t want to be spending large amounts on product promotions that yield very small rewards for your efforts.

Entrepreneurial Considerations

The entry point of product creation as a vendor might be a bit more difficult, but it has its rewards. There is also the challenge of assessing your knowledge and wondering if you can be an authority in your chosen niche. To answer that, as long as you know a bit more than those you are sharing your ideas with, you’ll be fine. Once you’ve created a product which has an emotional need, it can be promoted by affiliates who bring in revenue as well as leads. The onus is on Affiliates as well as vendors to do market feasibility testing by using tools such as Google keyword planner and Alexa. It is important to join business groups to further your development and read the books of successful Entreprenuers to enhance your skills and business acumen.

Link Tracking

Traffic is the fuel that keeps your business viable, competitive and thriving. You will need a way to track if you are making a return on your investments (ROI). Your time, money and effort are invaluable, so always keep your fingers on the pulse. You would not want your efforts wasted. Consider using a tracking system that will alert you about broken links so that you are not funnelling money to a link that no longer works. A link tracking system such as one shown in the guide, allows you to cloak long link names and use a customized domain name among other things.  The benefits can be three-fold. 

checkmark  Links look more professional
checkmark  They’re easy to remember
checkmark  They replace long unattractive affiliate links

If you would like to learn more about click tracking and optimization, consider the free tracking guide we recommend. You can utilize these features in your promotions.

Traffic Boosting Features

  • Organic Tracking
  • Link Rotation
  • Custom Tracking Domains
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Affiliate Network Setup
  • Ad Network Setup
  • Click Fraud

There are 19 profit boosting features to start you on the right track. All of which are not mentioned here.

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