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Tapping into the universal desires of prospects is a surefire marketing strategy. A similar blog entry was posted on the post page and sparked some interest. The positive comments gave birth to the e-book, “Universal Desires of Prospects.” This book will assist you to come up with product ideas if you find yourself stuck. (Please see blog post for reference).

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

In 1943, psychologist, Abraham Maslow penned a paper entitled, “A Theory of Human Motivation.” In this famous paper, he proposed that human motivation is driven by five innate, universal needs that every individual experience. Some of these needs take precedence over others. The hierarchy of needs begin with basic human needs and ends with life-enhancing needs.

  • Physiological needs: Food, water, shelter
  • Safety needs: Security and safety
  • Belonging and love needs: Affection, relationships, family, friends
  • Esteem needs: Prestige, reputation, accomplishment
  • Self-actualization: Personal growth and self-fulfillment

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be an invaluable marketing tool if you can identify the universal needs that your product fulfills. For a more extensive list of ideas, download our e-book to learn more.

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