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May 26, 2018 admin

We have all experienced temporary blocks to our creative writing flow when our minds seem to freeze on us. Sometimes we might need to take a break, exercise or involve in a different activity that helps us to relax so that we can recharge and get those creative juices flowing once more. Do you have a mentor who is teaching you new approaches to your business? What gets you excited about your training? Make a mental note of what you are learning and doing before your ideas are forgotten. Next, use those ideas for content creation. If you are looking for a free give-away such as an e-book, this could be a start.

There have been instances where YouTube tutorial videos were instrumental in saving me a significant amount of trial and error while learning from the mistakes of the presenters. Why re-invent the wheel when you can follow a proven path? Best of all, you will enjoy sharing ideas that save time, money and effort.

So, be like a sponge and be ready to soak up the knowledge that offers tips of the trade. These are golden nuggets that you can share with your list. Failures serve to put you and others on guard against mistakes. Many business owners have triumphed through incredible odds, and their stories may help to reboot the thinking of those who are thinking of giving up.

Now, think about your accomplishments, and create a clear outline of what led you to your success. You could create a checklist which provides a clear path to approach a problem in a certain way. Consider the challenges that you overcame. Stories that consist of triumph against strong odds is a fail-safe way to inspire, challenge and motivate the minds of those seeking to improve their situations in life.

While chatting in an entrepreneur forum you might hear about a problem that other members are facing, if you have a unique solution, this could be an opportunity to help others become unstuck. Later, you could use your response as part of your content writing. Or, if you have failed at a process, why not share your story? Others will appreciate your helpfulness so that they can avoid a mistake that could be a setback. If you were able to correct the problem, remember to share that also. As you share and interact with others, be on the lookout for great content. You would be surprised at how rapidly your idea bank can grow as you record what is happening around you. Remain focused as you gather stories of interest. You will be an inspiration, and your followers will thank you.


May 19, 2018 admin

Focus Only On What You Can Control

As you read this blog’s issue, I’d like you to be mindful to keep your personal and business life in perspective when you faced with obstacles you cannot control. Adverse situations can influence the way you think, react and relate to the world. Moreover, a lack of focus can affect your own happiness. Don’t get stuck in overthinking and analyzing. It is incredibly unproductive and will impede your growth potential.

Similarly, self-doubt can get you stuck in your online business, and make you procrastinate. If you think you cannot make it, sadly, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Creative thinking, strong focus, and guidance from a successful mentor can make you less susceptible to negative thinking and more resilient to adversity. We are all allotted twenty-four hours in one day; what you do with your time is up to you. Life often presents the challenges of competing demands; deadline pressures often make us wish we that we had more time. The ability to control time is not within anyone’s power, but what we do with our time unquestionably is. You cannot control the customer service given to your customers by affiliate product owners, but you can control which products to promote and, thus, increase the odds of customers receiving superb service. You can control how you earn and invest money, but you cannot control the economy. What your competitors do is beyond your control, but you can control your own business and your own destiny.

Life offers unexpected bumps and turns along the path. Some of your experiences will be exhilarating, refreshing and inspiring. However, how do you mentally prepare yourself to face the challenges of inadequacy and adversity? There are no easy answers, but you can choose to react to what is happening around you and learn from the mistakes of the past. Let experience be your guide. When a situation does not appear to be working well, do things differently. You will not experience different results with proven ineffective methods.

Success and fulfillment require self-discipline. The driving force behind your actions could be desire or obligation; nonetheless, you control your destiny.

When you become less reactive and more proactive in your approach to life, you become less stressful, and life will take on a deeper meaning. Consequently, you will experience a healthier, rewarding and more fulfilling life.

May 15, 2018 admin

In simple terms, a blog is a type of website or a section of a website. The word Blog is a derivative of the word weblog and originally was more of a personal diary. Over the past ten years, blogging platforms such as WordPress have become very popular. There are different types of blogs which vary according to the preferences of their owners. Blogs are normally kept running by a company or an individual and are regularly updated with entries of new events, news, and product information. Their usage is determined by the owner’s preferences and what they are targeting.

Most blogs are used interactively. This means that someone who visits a blog is allowed to leave a comment on the blog which might need to be approved by the blog’s moderator. Being able to leave comments is the main difference between blogs and websites. Typically, the blogs will provide information that is relevant to the blog titles.

In a few cases, there are blogs that have text, images and other entries that are about certain websites. Most of these blogs are based on text inputs. However, there are others that are based on images, text and, videos. The process of inserting all these comments and images is known as blogging. A blogger can either be the author of the website or a visitor who engages in guest posting. These Blog entries are mutually rewarding for the blog owner and the guest writer since they free up the owner’s time and provide additional exposure for the guest blogger. There are many types of blogs. For this reason, having a good understanding of the varieties that are available will provide a deeper insight into blogging.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are primarily used to share a personal story along the journey of life. As a result of not being commercialized, they are only stumbled upon. These types of blogs will rarely become famous and will never have many followers and are also called microblogs. When used in this manner they serve as diaries and a point of reference. In most cases, they are rarely read as they are not indexed or in a directory. However, the owner of the blog is still considered to be a blogger as long as blog entries are consistently made.

Corporate and Organizational Blogs

As the name would indicate, corporate or organizational blogs are mainly used for business purposes. These blogs focus on promotion, public relations, marketing and, branding. They also serve to educate and inform members of future and current events.

Genre blogs

Genre blogs are about specific topics. The specialization can be anything from entertainment to politics. Such blogs are mainly classified as genre blogs. The genre that these blogs use will vary according to their creators. The types of blogs that are common in this category are music and art blogs.

Art blogs draw many followers because of the common interest in art. However, music blogs tend to have a higher number of followers regardless of the type of music. A reason that makes these blogs popular is the use of different types of music and updates about music or music related topics.

Blogging is a creativity that can be engaged in by almost any individual. Bloggers can decide the type of blog they want, the design that they will use and the content that will be placed on their blogs. The main advantage of a blog is that it is free and can be used for monetization if the owner chooses.

April 8, 2018 admin

A great question your customers are unconsciously asking you every time they consider buying your product is, “How would you improve my life if I were to pay you?”

To answer this question, let us examine the five-tier model of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory based on human motivational needs. In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed in his psychology review that there are basic innate needs in every individual. As we examine the model, we can associate human needs with niche ideas and incorporate these into our marketing endeavours. Satisfying a human desire could result in a lifetime customer acquisition. Abraham Maslow was one of the first psychologists to adopt the theory that needs motivate the human behaviour and that some take precedence over others.

Now, examine the product that you are thinking of promoting and ask yourself which of these desires would it fulfill. You can then compose your marketing message accordingly.

For example, anti-ageing solutions, cellulite, stretch marks, acne and scar removal treatments help to make a prospect gain a more attractive appearance as seen in the before and after acne pictures below.
A pleasing appearance could lead to attracting others, and quite possibly, culminate in a new relationship. Improvement in appearance could fulfill the psychological need for belonging and affection. However, it is best to highlight the benefits perceived as valuable to the client in terms of expectations and requirements. Having a client-driven focus will help you to create a stronger marketing message and clearer voice in your advertising.

The list below depicts some of the universal desires in prospects. Try coming up with one of your own or incorporate some of the ideas. Why not have some fun and enjoy the creativity in associating the desires with the Maslow hierarchy of needs model? Remember, it is okay if some ideas overlap.

Universal Desires of Prospects
Adequate Dietary Nutrients – Balanced diet, meal enjoyment, satisfied palette
Security in Senior Years – Absence of fear of financial security and dying alone
Attractive Appearance – Pleasing and easy on the eyes, lean body mass, beautiful, glowing, radiant
Sex Appeal and Romance – Pleasing to others, alluring, fulfillment of physical and emotional needs
Health and Physical Stamina – Healthy physique, endurance testing, fitness programs
Acceptance by Others – Desire for inclusion, love, appreciation
Pleasure and Enjoyment – Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment
Success – Accomplishing defined goals, attainment of status
Power and Status – Respected and recommended by others, appreciated
Tranquillity and Comfort – Enjoy the extra benefits of life, feeling of peace, security
Time – Spending more time with family and friends, accomplishing goals, living life on your own terms
Relaxation and Leisure – Freedom to do things purely for enjoyment without fear
Self-assertiveness – Project positive self-image which is borne from belief in oneself
Financial Stability: Independence, power, freedom, security etc.

April 4, 2018 admin

Traffic is the life blood of a business. However, if that traffic is not converting, valuable time, money and effort are ineffective. Directory traffic makes up for some of the data sent and received by visitors for website analyzation. Traffic obtained via this method is an off-page SEO; However, it works well in accomplishing the job of providing link building strategies and improving your presence on the web. Let us now examine what this entails.
The traffic generated from directories are primarily through the following:

1. Indexing
2. Search Engine
3. Click Through Traffic

Once a site has been submitted to a directory, indexing begins when the links are found. Traffic is brought back from the directory when they return to your site. This has a snowball effect because your rankings will get higher on the search engines and search engines generate traffic. When a visitor comes to your site because of clicking through the directory, this is called click through traffic. It is a great idea to incorporate directory traffic in site building to increase your web presence and success. Sites such as Fiverr offer services in link building if there isn’t much time to do the directory submission yourself.

April 4, 2017 admin

Search Engine Optimization is concerned with the steps taken to increase website visibility. When SEO is done correctly, the search engine web crawlers that do their search on a website will do so on a perfectly optimized site.

The goal of SEO is to make a web site come out on top in the search field of a particular keyword. This is referred to as “natural” or “organic” results. The algorithm is also making adaptations to close advantages to any loop-holes. These days it is all about having high-quality content to be seen by web visitors. Much emphasis is placed on relevant sites that link to yours. The better your content, the more website owners will link to you and the higher you will rank in the search engines for appropriate keyword phrases. You may want to consider the following plugins to enhance your SEO rankings.

SEO – Plugin Yoast

This is just a quick update to this article: Check your yoast SEO settings. Version 7 update may cause WordPress SEO ranking drop according to Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast, who has apologized for the bug. According to, some did receive notification in their Yoast plugin; however, he did not. He provided a link fix on one of his YouTube videos.

Yoast SEO is an on-page plugin that offers the flexibility of setting SEO values to your site. Some themes have a built-in option for this; however, Yoast extends that functionality and is also bundled with XML sitemap, social linking buttons and tools. Yoast is considered a gold standard among plugins offering this feature. By default, your web site tries to tell Google what your site is about by using words pulled from WordPress. These are called keyword phrases. Using a tool like Yoast, you have the control to precisely identify your keyword phrases by considering the words one would type to find your business. Yoast allows you to set-up your SEO title and meta description to exactly the way you would like it to appear in Google. It is up to you to set those keyword phrases correctly.


This handy plugin serves to remove the various revisions you make to your site. Overtime, these revisions accumulate and weigh down your site. When they are removed, your site becomes lighter and loads faster.

To download these plugins, select plugins then add new. Do a search to find the plugin then click install now. You will then need to activate the plugin after it has been installed.You can also refer to the SEO chart for some of the options that are available to you.

April 4, 2017 admin

In its simplest terms, a sales funnel is a capture mechanism that is set-up to capture leads. These leads are visitors to a website, blog or capture page who, when they sign up, become a part of a mailing list. From your marketing strategy to customer retention initiatives, each component of your business is influenced by a well-constructed sales funnel. Let us examine the sales funnel analysis below to understand the basic components you need to have in place to build long-term profitability into your business. However, keep in mind this is a guide only. The progression from prospect to client as depicted in the chart might not necessarily follow in this order.


Prospects are essential to any growth-focused business. From potential customers on LinkedIn to fans on Facebook, filling your funnel with prospects is crucial for long-term success. But even more important is the shift from prospect to client or buyer. Prospecting new customers for your business is a never-ending venture.


Moving potential customers from the prospect stage to the contact stage is the next natural progression in sales funnel development. Beta testers for your app, subscribers to your email newsletter, virtual attendees to your online webinars; these are all examples of transitioning prospects to contacts and is concerned with people who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.


Leads can be acquired from a campaign you run with a bonus incentive. This could be an e-book, mini video tutorial, contest or gift card to name a few. Your offer should be perceived as high value. When potential customers transition from interested observers to the decision making stage, they have made the move from business contacts to sales leads. Whether they’ve requested a customer catalog, signed up for a product demonstration or received a bonus incentive, your team’s ability to deftly escort leads to the finalist stage is an exciting and enviable position to be. Keep in mind that your product should fulfill a powerful need. Let this be your focus. You are in a business to be of service to others. Be genuine and sincere and the financial rewards will follow as trust is established.


When customers are contemplating your business offerings, your sales funnel is at its most fragile stage. Failure to satiate the needs of a potential customer at this stage can send a sales lead spinning out of your sales funnel and into the waiting arms of a competitor.


At the client stage, you have now arrived at the most important stage because your hard work has paid off and now your prospect is a buyer. This is a time for celebration, yet this is when the real challenge begins with regards to customer retention. Your number one task is to turn your buyers into brand ambassadors. Your ability to make brand ambassadors out of loyal clients ensures your sales funnel will never lack potential prospects again.

Are you ready to start filling your sales funnel and grow your business?

April 4, 2017 admin

The content marketing circle starts out with the message we communicate to our audience and the optimization process we follow to tweak that content so that we are fully leveraging every option at our disposal. We also need to publish and promote. But, how do we measure our progress? One such way is by utilizing tools for monitoring, comparing and understanding our progress through split testing and tracking.

This brief introduction does not allow for a full in-depth of the strategies involved in content marketing but you will be provided with a few helpful ideas to get you started. Content can be controversial. This can add a little spice when a better connection is made with your target audience.

Content Marketing can be presented in the form of article writing, e-books, videos, website, games and blogs to name a few. Marketing involves creative thinking to get your message across. Think of how you can enrich user experience. How does static text compare with video to demonstrate how a product works? The answer is simple. Video is clearer and more easily assimilated. Imagery adds interest to content and will draw your readers in on key points. Don’t forget that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, never upload pictures that you do not have the right or license to use. You can be sued a hefty sum for a picture that might only be worth $10.00. Be sure to read all the terms on any stock photo site you use to avoid legal ramifications.

Paid/Trial and Free Sites

Some sites offer paid, free or trial versions in imagery creation. If your budget is a bit tight, you can use sites such as canva and PicMonkey while having fun being creative with your designs. offers high quality photos that are completely free for you to use in any way you wish. Do consider image optimization and compression since this will improve your website load times and place you in a more favourable position for the search engines. Sites such as and picresize can be used for your image optimization needs. is completely free to use. Link building helps to increase traffic to your site. Article writing is a great way to make this possible. When readers get information from sites on which the articles are published, the information is usually incorporated with a link to the owner’s website.

April 2, 2017 admin

Researching current market trends should be one of the first things to consider before marketing a product. Valuable time and money can be wasted on a product or service that is not in demand. Research is the backbone on which every good marketing plan is built. In the absence of research, potential customers and sales can be lost. As trends change over time, you will need to understand exactly what clients are searching for and how you can effectively market your product and services to each demographic. Research can be conducted in the form of surveys, focus groups, Internet search and other preferred methods. (see market research chart for ideas).

If you have a mailing list, consider sending your list a questionnaire to complete about their current needs. You can also post a question on your social media sites. The responses that you receive can be invaluable in determining the direction you wish to take your company. Additionally, it is a good idea to routinely examine your website statistics and social media trends. Which posts and pages are attracting the most visitors? What are your readers commenting on? This will provide further insight into what potential clients are interested in.