Affiliate Marketing

Many online ventures tout their methods to be the number one way of making easy money. Most are dubious schemes which promise far more than they deliver. Knowledge and training provide a means of avoiding many of the pitfalls of doing business online today. ClickBank University offers superior training in becoming a vendor or a successful Affiliate.

There’s a straightforward method of building an online business that actually works, but it does require time, effort and dedication. You do not need an inventory, staff, or premises – just an eye for an excellent offer, research and a traffic generating method. This business method is called affiliate marketing and provides an easier way of starting than becoming a vendor. This does not mean that one cannot become a vendor in a relatively short time. However, in this post, we focus more on what it takes to become an affiliate.

This Post Discusses:

  • What affiliate marketing is
  • How to get started
  • Finding the right product
  • Promoting the offer
  • How paid advertising fits in

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the online equivalent of the time-honoured sales representative model. It works by introducing customers to an offer on a third-party website and then receiving a commission on the sales your traffic generates.

You can promote almost any product or service that’s available online. For example, if you sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program, you’ll gain access to millions of physical products, but will only receive a small percentage of sales value as a commission.

At the other end of the scale, you can partner with an independent company who sells a single niche product. With the right deal you can quickly earn a double-digit percentage commission on the sales you refer.

How To Get Started

One of the most popular affiliate programs is run by ClickBank. They offer a quick and easy way to start promoting thousands of mainly digital and information products, covering everything from health guides to dating advice.

Anyone can sign up, and for the vast majority of products they sell, there’s no approval process to go through. All you need to get started is to apply for a ClickBank account, find a suitable product, do your research, and then decide on a traffic source.

Finding The Right Product

Whether you choose to partner with ClickBank or another affiliate program, the first challenge is to decide which offer to promote. Although nearly any product can be a success with the right marketing, in general, you’ll want to focus on the following criteria:

check-mark 16 x 16 purple  A product with excellent customer demand

check-mark 16 x 16 purple  An offer with effective marketing on its sales page, so that the traffic you send converts

check-mark 16 x 16 purple  A sale price that isn’t so high as to put customers off, yet not so low that you need huge
      volumes  to achieve a worthwhile profit

check-mark 16 x 16 purple A sector that isn’t saturated with masses of other affiliates all competing for a limited
     customer base

check-mark 16 x 16 purple A healthy commission structure, preferably one that rewards repeat sales and higher

     An affiliate program that hits all these targets is rare, but the closer the match, the more
     chance you have of running a profitable campaign

Promoting The Offer

If you already have a website with traffic, then adding relevant affiliate programs using ready-made advertising banners is a quick way of capitalizing on it. However, this isn’t the most efficient and profitable strategy.

Instead, create unique content around the product you’re promoting. Offer genuinely useful information that also includes a commercial message. Start the selling process with your own content, so that when you link to the product page via ClickBank or another program, you’ll send targeted visitors ready to convert into buyers.

If you don’t already have a website, then it needn’t cost a fortune to set one up. A free blog provider like Blogspot is sufficient to start with, and you can always upgrade to an entirely independent site once you’ve gotten a feel for the affiliate marketing model.

How Paid Advertising Fits In

Of course, a brand-new website won’t enjoy instant traffic, but you can give your affiliate journey a kick start by advertising on Facebook, Google, or other pay-per-click providers. However, this needs to be approached with care.

If you advertise a favourite, mass-market product, you can quickly burn through your budget in no time, and with no sales to show for your investment. This is where monitoring your results is vital, so that you can spot a non-converting program early enough to avoid steep losses

But, however you generate your traffic, in a web that’s full of questionable money-making schemes, affiliate marketing offers a genuine opportunity when done well. Only do business with reputable companies. It’s easy to get started, and as you develop your strategy, you can build an enterprise that scales profitably with the time and resources you’re willing to put into it.

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