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Helena George, CEO

Startup Breakthroughs is an online library resource which operates out of the beautiful city of Scarborough, Ontario. We share marketing tips to encourage startup businesses but hope all will find our content useful as a source of reference.  Technology is ever evolving and has revolutionized the way we do business today. With the rapid advancement of business intelligence that eliminates some of the heavy lifting in our day to day processes, we also face the downside of job loss. Now, what can we do? Many have turned to business start-ups, but the lack of good mentoring programs, finances and networking skills often cause these well-meaning intentions to fail. 

Noella Mutinda, Manager

Startup Breakthroughs is designed to break through these barriers and provide ideas to facilitate a smoother online journey. So, whether you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, a small business owner or looking for product ideas, we hope that you will find our content meaningful. It is our hope that our site can be an additional resource to add to the arsenal of tools and business solutions that you might already have in place. We wish you every success in your online ventures. You will need to keep the momentum going to keep the dream alive. Have a passion and tenacity for what you do. If the idea of forging a lasting legacy is important to you, there is no better choice than operating your own business. Always remember that implementation is key to your success.

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We hope that you will use our content as a springboard for new ideas.