Blogging Defined & Some Examples

May 15, 2018 admin

In simple terms, a blog is a type of website or a section of a website. The word Blog is a derivative of the word weblog and originally was more of a personal diary. Over the past ten years, blogging platforms such as WordPress have become very popular. There are different types of blogs which vary according to the preferences of their owners. Blogs are normally kept running by a company or an individual and are regularly updated with entries of new events, news, and product information. Their usage is determined by the owner’s preferences and what they are targeting.

Most blogs are used interactively. This means that someone who visits a blog is allowed to leave a comment on the blog which might need to be approved by the blog’s moderator. Being able to leave comments is the main difference between blogs and websites. Typically, the blogs will provide information that is relevant to the blog titles.

In a few cases, there are blogs that have text, images and other entries that are about certain websites. Most of these blogs are based on text inputs. However, there are others that are based on images, text and, videos. The process of inserting all these comments and images is known as blogging. A blogger can either be the author of the website or a visitor who engages in guest posting. These Blog entries are mutually rewarding for the blog owner and the guest writer since they free up the owner’s time and provide additional exposure for the guest blogger. There are many types of blogs. For this reason, having a good understanding of the varieties that are available will provide a deeper insight into blogging.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are primarily used to share a personal story along the journey of life. As a result of not being commercialized, they are only stumbled upon. These types of blogs will rarely become famous and will never have many followers and are also called microblogs. When used in this manner they serve as diaries and a point of reference. In most cases, they are rarely read as they are not indexed or in a directory. However, the owner of the blog is still considered to be a blogger as long as blog entries are consistently made.

Corporate and Organizational Blogs

As the name would indicate, corporate or organizational blogs are mainly used for business purposes. These blogs focus on promotion, public relations, marketing and, branding. They also serve to educate and inform members of future and current events.

Genre blogs

Genre blogs are about specific topics. The specialization can be anything from entertainment to politics. Such blogs are mainly classified as genre blogs. The genre that these blogs use will vary according to their creators. The types of blogs that are common in this category are music and art blogs.

Art blogs draw many followers because of the common interest in art. However, music blogs tend to have a higher number of followers regardless of the type of music. A reason that makes these blogs popular is the use of different types of music and updates about music or music related topics.

Blogging is a creativity that can be engaged in by almost any individual. Bloggers can decide the type of blog they want, the design that they will use and the content that will be placed on their blogs. The main advantage of a blog is that it is free and can be used for monetization if the owner chooses.

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