Month: April 2018

April 8, 2018 admin

A great question your customers are unconsciously asking you every time they consider buying your product is, “How would you improve my life if I were to pay you?”

To answer this question, let us examine the five-tier model of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory based on human motivational needs. In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed in his psychology review that there are basic innate needs in every individual. As we examine the model, we can associate human needs with niche ideas and incorporate these into our marketing endeavours. Satisfying a human desire could result in a lifetime customer acquisition. Abraham Maslow was one of the first psychologists to adopt the theory that needs motivate the human behaviour and that some take precedence over others.

Now, examine the product that you are thinking of promoting and ask yourself which of these desires would it fulfill. You can then compose your marketing message accordingly.

For example, anti-ageing solutions, cellulite, stretch marks, acne and scar removal treatments help to make a prospect gain a more attractive appearance as seen in the before and after acne pictures below.
A pleasing appearance could lead to attracting others, and quite possibly, culminate in a new relationship. Improvement in appearance could fulfill the psychological need for belonging and affection. However, it is best to highlight the benefits perceived as valuable to the client in terms of expectations and requirements. Having a client-driven focus will help you to create a stronger marketing message and clearer voice in your advertising.

The list below depicts some of the universal desires in prospects. Try coming up with one of your own or incorporate some of the ideas. Why not have some fun and enjoy the creativity in associating the desires with the Maslow hierarchy of needs model? Remember, it is okay if some ideas overlap.

Universal Desires of Prospects
Adequate Dietary Nutrients – Balanced diet, meal enjoyment, satisfied palette
Security in Senior Years – Absence of fear of financial security and dying alone
Attractive Appearance – Pleasing and easy on the eyes, lean body mass, beautiful, glowing, radiant
Sex Appeal and Romance – Pleasing to others, alluring, fulfillment of physical and emotional needs
Health and Physical Stamina – Healthy physique, endurance testing, fitness programs
Acceptance by Others – Desire for inclusion, love, appreciation
Pleasure and Enjoyment – Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment
Success – Accomplishing defined goals, attainment of status
Power and Status – Respected and recommended by others, appreciated
Tranquillity and Comfort – Enjoy the extra benefits of life, feeling of peace, security
Time – Spending more time with family and friends, accomplishing goals, living life on your own terms
Relaxation and Leisure – Freedom to do things purely for enjoyment without fear
Self-assertiveness – Project positive self-image which is borne from belief in oneself
Financial Stability: Independence, power, freedom, security etc.

April 4, 2018 admin

Traffic is the life blood of a business. However, if that traffic is not converting, valuable time, money and effort are ineffective. Directory traffic makes up for some of the data sent and received by visitors for website analyzation. Traffic obtained via this method is an off-page SEO; However, it works well in accomplishing the job of providing link building strategies and improving your presence on the web. Let us now examine what this entails.
The traffic generated from directories are primarily through the following:

1. Indexing
2. Search Engine
3. Click Through Traffic

Once a site has been submitted to a directory, indexing begins when the links are found. Traffic is brought back from the directory when they return to your site. This has a snowball effect because your rankings will get higher on the search engines and search engines generate traffic. When a visitor comes to your site because of clicking through the directory, this is called click through traffic. It is a great idea to incorporate directory traffic in site building to increase your web presence and success. Sites such as Fiverr offer services in link building if there isn’t much time to do the directory submission yourself.