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Search Engine Optimization is concerned with the steps taken to increase website visibility. When SEO is done correctly, the search engine web crawlers that do their search on a website will do so on a perfectly optimized site.

The goal of SEO is to make a web site come out on top in the search field of a particular keyword. This is referred to as “natural” or “organic” results. The algorithm is also making adaptations to close advantages to any loop-holes. These days it is all about having high-quality content to be seen by web visitors. Much emphasis is placed on relevant sites that link to yours. The better your content, the more website owners will link to you and the higher you will rank in the search engines for appropriate keyword phrases. You may want to consider the following plugins to enhance your SEO rankings.

SEO – Plugin Yoast

This is just a quick update to this article: Check your yoast SEO settings. Version 7 update may cause WordPress SEO ranking drop according to Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast, who has apologized for the bug. According to, some did receive notification in their Yoast plugin; however, he did not. He provided a link fix on one of his YouTube videos.

Yoast SEO is an on-page plugin that offers the flexibility of setting SEO values to your site. Some themes have a built-in option for this; however, Yoast extends that functionality and is also bundled with XML sitemap, social linking buttons and tools. Yoast is considered a gold standard among plugins offering this feature. By default, your web site tries to tell Google what your site is about by using words pulled from WordPress. These are called keyword phrases. Using a tool like Yoast, you have the control to precisely identify your keyword phrases by considering the words one would type to find your business. Yoast allows you to set-up your SEO title and meta description to exactly the way you would like it to appear in Google. It is up to you to set those keyword phrases correctly.


This handy plugin serves to remove the various revisions you make to your site. Overtime, these revisions accumulate and weigh down your site. When they are removed, your site becomes lighter and loads faster.

To download these plugins, select plugins then add new. Do a search to find the plugin then click install now. You will then need to activate the plugin after it has been installed.You can also refer to the SEO chart for some of the options that are available to you.

April 4, 2017 admin

In its simplest terms, a sales funnel is a capture mechanism that is set-up to capture leads. These leads are visitors to a website, blog or capture page who, when they sign up, become a part of a mailing list. From your marketing strategy to customer retention initiatives, each component of your business is influenced by a well-constructed sales funnel. Let us examine the sales funnel analysis below to understand the basic components you need to have in place to build long-term profitability into your business. However, keep in mind this is a guide only. The progression from prospect to client as depicted in the chart might not necessarily follow in this order.


Prospects are essential to any growth-focused business. From potential customers on LinkedIn to fans on Facebook, filling your funnel with prospects is crucial for long-term success. But even more important is the shift from prospect to client or buyer. Prospecting new customers for your business is a never-ending venture.


Moving potential customers from the prospect stage to the contact stage is the next natural progression in sales funnel development. Beta testers for your app, subscribers to your email newsletter, virtual attendees to your online webinars; these are all examples of transitioning prospects to contacts and is concerned with people who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.


Leads can be acquired from a campaign you run with a bonus incentive. This could be an e-book, mini video tutorial, contest or gift card to name a few. Your offer should be perceived as high value. When potential customers transition from interested observers to the decision making stage, they have made the move from business contacts to sales leads. Whether they’ve requested a customer catalog, signed up for a product demonstration or received a bonus incentive, your team’s ability to deftly escort leads to the finalist stage is an exciting and enviable position to be. Keep in mind that your product should fulfill a powerful need. Let this be your focus. You are in a business to be of service to others. Be genuine and sincere and the financial rewards will follow as trust is established.


When customers are contemplating your business offerings, your sales funnel is at its most fragile stage. Failure to satiate the needs of a potential customer at this stage can send a sales lead spinning out of your sales funnel and into the waiting arms of a competitor.


At the client stage, you have now arrived at the most important stage because your hard work has paid off and now your prospect is a buyer. This is a time for celebration, yet this is when the real challenge begins with regards to customer retention. Your number one task is to turn your buyers into brand ambassadors. Your ability to make brand ambassadors out of loyal clients ensures your sales funnel will never lack potential prospects again.

Are you ready to start filling your sales funnel and grow your business?

April 4, 2017 admin

The content marketing circle starts out with the message we communicate to our audience and the optimization process we follow to tweak that content so that we are fully leveraging every option at our disposal. We also need to publish and promote. But, how do we measure our progress? One such way is by utilizing tools for monitoring, comparing and understanding our progress through split testing and tracking.

This brief introduction does not allow for a full in-depth of the strategies involved in content marketing but you will be provided with a few helpful ideas to get you started. Content can be controversial. This can add a little spice when a better connection is made with your target audience.

Content Marketing can be presented in the form of article writing, e-books, videos, website, games and blogs to name a few. Marketing involves creative thinking to get your message across. Think of how you can enrich user experience. How does static text compare with video to demonstrate how a product works? The answer is simple. Video is clearer and more easily assimilated. Imagery adds interest to content and will draw your readers in on key points. Don’t forget that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, never upload pictures that you do not have the right or license to use. You can be sued a hefty sum for a picture that might only be worth $10.00. Be sure to read all the terms on any stock photo site you use to avoid legal ramifications.

Paid/Trial and Free Sites

Some sites offer paid, free or trial versions in imagery creation. If your budget is a bit tight, you can use sites such as canva and PicMonkey while having fun being creative with your designs. offers high quality photos that are completely free for you to use in any way you wish. Do consider image optimization and compression since this will improve your website load times and place you in a more favourable position for the search engines. Sites such as and picresize can be used for your image optimization needs. is completely free to use. Link building helps to increase traffic to your site. Article writing is a great way to make this possible. When readers get information from sites on which the articles are published, the information is usually incorporated with a link to the owner’s website.

April 2, 2017 admin

Researching current market trends should be one of the first things to consider before marketing a product. Valuable time and money can be wasted on a product or service that is not in demand. Research is the backbone on which every good marketing plan is built. In the absence of research, potential customers and sales can be lost. As trends change over time, you will need to understand exactly what clients are searching for and how you can effectively market your product and services to each demographic. Research can be conducted in the form of surveys, focus groups, Internet search and other preferred methods. (see market research chart for ideas).

If you have a mailing list, consider sending your list a questionnaire to complete about their current needs. You can also post a question on your social media sites. The responses that you receive can be invaluable in determining the direction you wish to take your company. Additionally, it is a good idea to routinely examine your website statistics and social media trends. Which posts and pages are attracting the most visitors? What are your readers commenting on? This will provide further insight into what potential clients are interested in.